4×4 is too small? 6×6? How about 8×8?

This is a bit too much for myself but looks very cool. For some reason these are very popular in the Middle East, probably due to high cost and too much sand around.

Doubt anything can stop this monster but not sure if those are legal on public roads 🙂 And I’d guess mileage is pretty terrible given it’s 660 gallons fuel tank.

Despite different decals it’s the same truck which is currently is in Arabian Desert. Built on a rocket carrier MAN chassis it’s almost 10′ wide, 13′ tall and over 39′ long. With 2 slide outs it can be extended to 16′ wide.

For those looking to boondock for extended periods of time it has 635 gallons of fresh water, 145lbs LP tank and 1000Ah battery bank. Oh yes, it weighs 30 tons.