M1083 truck: One of my favourites!

This is the one I want to get eventually. I owned 40′ Class A RV and quite often wanted to go on a dirt road but really couldn’t. I mean technically it’s possible but the average speed on the washboardy road is about 3-5 mph and sometimes you need to make 50 miles to the point of interest. At this moment you start weighing pros and cons and most likely you won’t go. Besides you can never be sure you’ll make it to the end of the road – one big rock or washout can make you backup for quite some miles

Surely most big motorhomes tow some car behind and they can explore more, but what if that place deserve more than just an overlook? What if you want to stay for few days in the remote location? You can’t just leave your bus (which is ‘home’ really) in the middle of nowhere on the road and go with a tent for few days… I know you can, but would you? I’d rather took it all the way in and enjoy the remoteness.

I’m monitoring govplaned to find suitable option but I’m concerned since those are too old to import into Mexico so not sure how to register one for traveling… I might have to look for another military truck in Mexico 🙂

This monster RV built on the military M1083 truck, it’s 6×6 and virtually unstoppable! Read more about Martin and Bethany adventure on their website: twoifoverland.com