Who never dreamed of this one?

Priced right about $250,000 for used one and starting from impressive $451,000 for new one EarthRoamer gets all the attention it deserve. It has so much water and fuel you can spend months without hookups in the campground. I’d go crazy on this thing, but so far only in my dreams. Think of it as of expensive boat. Every little detail is thought through, nothing loose, nothing makes any noise while on the move. Well, at least I think so 🙂

I have seen it once somewhere in US but owner wasn’t there so I didn’t even have a chance to take a look inside.

Once I got to a small village in Baja California on my 33′ motorhome and a local fishman approached me and said: “I could bet $1,000 that you won’t make it here on this thing. But now you are here so I got a question – HOW??” Really it took me few hours for about 13 miles of dirt road. There were couple of washouts from recent rain so I had to put stuff under my wheels and lift with leveling jacks when I stuck. Sort of fun but I even explored any other possible road on a bicycle to make sure that is the only way back to the highway so I had to do it twice 🙂 Not fun…

Which model you like most and why? Would you buy one of those for yourself?

Check out the website: earthroamer.com